About AMA

Art Media Agency (AMA) is a news agency specialising solely in the art market.

AMA produces more than one hundred and fifty articles per week, all purely textual, focusing on art news and current events.

The articles feature some of the following subjects: upcoming auctions, upcoming auction catalogues, auction results, life of artists, history of artworks, upcoming retrospectives, current retrospectives, new appointments and changes in direction of institutions, art publications, opening and closure of galleries, important projects, art fairs, important figures on the art market, important trends…

AMA covers all international markets.

AMA offers annual subscriptions that allow clients to receive comprehensive updates on all the art market news and reuse the texts in various contexts.

Every week AMA produces a Professional Newsletter for those active on the art market. This Professional Newsletter includes a round up of the week’s art news, paying particular attention to the art market.
To find out more, contact AMA at newsletter[@]artmediaagency.com.